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About The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab supports women of African descent and their allies through community-based programming and by providing affordable rental space. Through The Movement Lab, T. Lang Dance is building an incubator for creative thought, entrepreneurship, experimentation, and community.

Founder, T.Lang

T. Lang is the Artistic Director of T. Lang Dance. Lang stays engaged with the next generation of movement artists through her summer dance intensive SWEATSHOP and as an Associate Professor and founding Department Chair of Spelman Dance at Spelman College.

About T.Lang Dance

T. Lang is dedicated to exposing the arts and emerging communities to the creative impact and genius of dance. The organization creates poetic movement landscapes, illustrating deep and rousing investigations into interdisciplinary creative practices, historical narratives and identity. Intended to nurture growth and innovation, The Movement Lab, managed by T. Lang Dance, offers a comfortable venue for professionals, artists, and community members in all fields.

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